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Sole Ownership

This type of ownership is when you are the sole owner and therefore it is up to you to pay all the bills and you receive all the prize money. You can choose the colours that your horses race in and if the horse is not named, you can even choose that too. 


Syndicates are a very popular form of ownership. It is great for people to split the costs and own a racehorse with your friends, work colleagues or even family. All the bills can be spilt equally between the syndicate and it is therefore a very cost-effective way to own a horse. Syndicates can comprise up to twenty members.  


Leasing is a good way to own a horse without paying for the horse itself. It means that you only pay the costs of its training fees and other bills. Leasing can be for the whole season or even for one race. It can involve one person or multiple owners. This type of ownership is enjoyable and becoming very popular.

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