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A Solid Start To The Season

We have just built six new stables and each one has its own outside area for the horses to use at their own free will. These are for horses who may suffer from dust allergies or respiratory issues. The more fresh air the horses can’t get the better, as far as I am concerned. Airflow in yards is something that is hugely important and constantly monitored. The horses we have put in these new stables seem to have settled in brilliantly already.

We have had our first few Winter runners in the last ten days and overall we have been very happy with how they have run. CARLOS DU FRUITIER, RAVEN'S TOWER, and UNCLE PERCY have all run very well in defeat finishing 2nd, 2nd and 3rd respectively. All of these horses will no doubt come on for their first runs and I am looking forward to seeing how much they have improved next time out. We always expect our horses to improve for their first runs. CYRIUS MORIVIERE ran a little disappointingly but it appears that he has a substandard race first time out every season and I am sure he will return to his best next time out. ALPINE SECRET was also a little disappointing but Nico reported that he hated the ground and we will hope for a better performance in a couple of weeks.
Next week we will have a lot more going to the racetrack and they are some lovely horses as well.


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