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We are nearly a month on from our owners day and the majority of our horses have now stepped up their work and will start their first pieces of half speed work next week. It is exciting watching the stores from last year on the gallops as they are looking a lot stronger and more advance. The patience of their owners last season with not rushing to get a run into them has really paid off and we are very much looking forward to seeing the likes of Boreham Bill, Marten, Imperial Bay, Perfect Pirate and Emperors Hill on the racecourse.  

We had a busy day on Wednesday. Nico was in and we schooled nearly half the yard in the outdoor arena over the poles and an easy fix hurdle. Have a look on our YouTube channel to view the videos. 

Our next runner will be a yard favourite Ravens Tower in a couple of weeks. He only had a short break so is further on that most of the others. He seems to be in flying form at the moment, we will have him nice and fresh as he runs best when he is in that sort of form. 

A couple of new horses have joined us since the open day. Knight to Open is a lovely big horse by Oscar who seems to go very nicely. The other is Creep Desbois who seems a very exciting prospect, having won a bumper last year, he is only 4 but looks a gorgeous sort.  

Keep checking the website and YouTube channel for video updates as we get busier and horses start running.

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