Ben PaulingFacilities


Our main gallop, which was installed two years ago, is just over six furlongs long and climbs 161ft from the top to bottom. It is made from shredded carpet fibres, which make the most fantastic surface to ride on from a jockey’s point of view and also seems to considerably reduce the number of injuries that occur at home. It has an amazing resilience to frost in the winter, with the top two inches forming a frost-blanket which protects the main bulk of the gallop from the frost all together.


Round gallops are hugely influential in the way horses are trained in Ireland and are becoming more commonly seen in training yards in England as well. It is a circular deep sanded gallop that is just over 2 furlongs round. It is used a lot for steady work and will be invaluable for certain horses. It will allow horses to use themselves on a surface which replicates soft ground so they should be better equipped to handle softer conditions that we experience through the winter.


The all-weather schooling strip is proving a huge success. It is 4.5m wide and has 3 Easyfix hurdles followed by 3 Easyfix fences over 3 furlongs. With the weather becoming so extreme it means we are able to school all year round which will be a massive help.


This is very useful for loose-schooling as well as working the horses on the flat during the Winter.


This is a hugely important part of our training regime; we warm the horses up in it every day and also use it for flatwork, steady canter work and schooling. It has recently been resurfaced with a Martin Collins surface and is 80m x 80m so is big enough to let the horses use themselves properly.


The ECB spa has been invaluable since we started training here two years ago. It is fantastic for knocks, bumps and bruises and also allows certain horses which have tendon issues to get back to the track. We simply wouldn't be without it.


We have an excellent schooling ground that consists of cross-country jumps, hurdles, and regulation fences. All our horses are well schooled before they get to the course after all jumping is the name of the game!


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